Is your marketing making the web better?

How to generate value independent of sales

by Dylan Thomas

When I’m not helping clients, one of the things I do at BlueModus is produce what we call “Making the Web Better” website audits by looking at the front-end of prospective clients' websites. I’ve always felt that marketing activities could have intrinsic value, and this is an expression of that.

These audits are bespoke, manual evaluations that focus on the gnarly interaction of performance, usability, SEO, accessibility, and content strategy. They are manual because the whole point is that they contain the type of insights that are hard to automate, and so have more value.

I make it clear, “This is 100% a marketing activity, we are doing this instead of buying ads.” Sometimes there is something there, sometimes there isn’t.

What I love is that while this approach doesn’t always generate sales, it always generates value, and that feels meaningful.

If you are on any of the platforms we work with (or want to be), message me at dylan@bluemodus.com and I’ll do an audit for you.